2001 Films Reviewed

Clinton beats Dole. The Unabomber arrested. Beck releases "Odelay". Benjamin Netanyahu the new Israeli Prime Minister. "Theo's Century Of Movies" launched. 'Nuff said, surely - but newbies may like to take a quick gander at the 1996 Films page, just to get an idea of the ratings and what they mean.

(Remember when we browsed through the site and read the reviews and sneered at the Top 10 lists and followed all the links and turned off the computer and got in the car and had a McDonald's and came back and checked out the 2001 Films Ranked by Rating? That was awesome...)

(V) = film seen only on video

(TIFF) = film seen (or first seen) at the Toronto Film Festival

(ThIFF) = film seen (or first seen) at the Thessaloniki Film Festival

Title (Rating)