2008 Films Reviewed

So has someone else ever mentioned this Rule-of-7 / Rule-of-8 thing, or is it all in my head? Take for instance 1997: great movie year - BOOGIE NIGHTS, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, FUNNY GAMES, SWEET HEREAFTER, etc. On the other hand 1998, absolutely dire movie year (even worse in retrospect). 1987, great movie year, probably the best of the 80s (my Top 3 are all stone-cold masterpieces); 1988, poor movie year - so poor, in fact, that most people's top pick is a TV series ("The Decalogue"). 1957, great movie year imho; 1958, poor movie year imho. 1937, ditto; 1938, ditto.

Which of course brings us to: 2007, great movie year, according to just about everyone. 2008 ... well, who knows, but the signs aren't exactly encouraging (neither was Sundance, which is where we stand as I type this).

Guess we shall see - and hopefully this site will be around for the duration. Meanwhile, here are the 2008 Films Ranked by Rating as well as the part that explains what it all means. 2008: The Year When I Started Reading Books Again...

(V) = film seen only on video

(TIFF) = film seen (or first seen) at the Toronto Film Festival

(ThIFF) = film seen (or first seen) at the Thessaloniki Film Festival