1998 Films Reviewed

If you've only just got here (what kept ya?), you might want to mosey on over to the 1996 Films page first, just to get an idea of the ratings and what they mean. You should also note that the following opinions emanate from a small Mediterranean island about the size of Delaware (though, I'm told, a lot prettier), which is why I fully expect to be adding titles to this "1998 Movies" page well into the new millennium.

Regular readers will of course know that, if anyone has a yen to see these 1998 Films Ranked by Rating, you can exchange your yen for dollars at the desk as you come in...

(V) = film seen only on video

(AIFF) = seen at the Athens International Film Festival

(TIFF) = seen at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Films not linked to a review are "coming soon".

Title (Rating)