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[Last 5 films seen (reverse chronological order) : HER SMELL (V) (74) ; NORTH DALLAS FORTY (1979) (V) (65) ; THE CONFORMIST (1970) (74) [third viewing, first in >5 years] ; THE WARRIORS (1979) (V) (71) [second viewing, first in >10 years] ; A SILENT VOICE (V) (44) ]

(Also doing a half-assed film diary at Letterboxd now.)

NOTE TO LONG-SUFFERING READERS: Changed ISP again, hopefully for the last time. Every single file is here, and always has been - so, when you find 'leonardo.spidernet.net/Artus/2386' or 'my.primehome.com/theodorospa' in the url, simply replace them with 'theoscentury.com' (while keeping the file name) and everything will be fine. Sorry for the manual labo(u)r but I think it'll be okay, there's probably an app you can use or something, I've been here since 1996 how is that even possible...

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

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